Rich Lore

Rhyldan is a world with a rich history with many detailed accounts explaining how the last of humanity split into the Factions they have today.


Play as a Member of the One World One Nation Faction, The Free Peoples Republic, or start a Nation of your own and take over rival nations cities!


Missions generated for you based on a variety of factors, such as current standing with a Faction, Completed Missions, or an NPC's mood.


Expansive Crafting of items based on the quality of items a player uses, allowing gathering to be a bigger part of the process.
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Update: February Progress

February 18, 2018 Updates 702 Hits
Happy February everyone. The last 45 days has been quite interesting. First I would like to start by introducing TR-Karak. She will be handling a lot…
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A Conversation: Backer Perks

January 23, 2018 Community 1559 Hits
Good evening. Though we have been quiet on this side of things as I tend to like to keep things professional, I do think I ought to respond here.…
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2018 Update and Roadmap

January 22, 2018 Community 3083 Hits
Welcome to 2018! First off, we would like to thank all of you - the players! Your feedback, testing, suggestions and ideas have been incredibly…