Rich Lore

Rhyldan is a world with a rich history with many detailed accounts explaining how the last of humanity split into the Factions they have today.


Play as a Member of the One World One Nation Faction, The Free Peoples Republic, or start a Nation of your own and take over rival nations cities!


Missions generated for you based on a variety of factors, such as current standing with a Faction, Completed Missions, or an NPC's mood.


Expansive Crafting of items based on the quality of items a player uses, allowing gathering to be a bigger part of the process.
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December 22, 2017 Community 914 Hits
Good day all, with the 10.2 patch live we are well on our way towards Condor Slug. This means continued work accessing the current world and systems.…
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15.10.2 Update

December 19, 2017 Patch Notes 430 Hits
Build Notes 15.10.2 Adversarial Camps Recreated the camps in Tuuleuss Mountain. They have been moved slightly, and reduced in size. Added generated…
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10.2 Update is Here

December 19, 2017 Updates 1336 Hits
Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Yule! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Boxing Day! Merry Saturnalia! Happy Festivus! Sichere Krampusnacht! חנוכה שמח!…