Lore and History

Water and Sand


“So!” said Yaco. “It will be ninety days, when the sun sets today. End of our double quarantine. Is everybody still alive?”

“Rogue´s alive,” said Farah.

“Oui,” said...



Facts: The Odgerel reached Rhyldan´s surface today. No events during planetfall. Crew ok.

>ISOLATION: Five occupants (Souza, Hounds, Kapoor, Choi...


We have something a little bit different for you in today's feature: A lengthy new short story based on the landing on Rhyldan which is entitled "Evening Star". 


Falling Star

The Northern Star floats in orbit above Rhyldan.

An interstellar tin can. A maze of corridors and airlocks and cramped rooms, and not one window with a view...


This is it.

It´s been ninety days since Captain´s Kjell announcement.

It´s time.

Many hold vigil in their private quarters, either alone or huddled...