Lore and History

Water and Sand


“So!” said Yaco. “It will be ninety days, when the sun sets today. End of our double quarantine. Is everybody still alive?”

“Rogue´s alive,” said Farah.

“Oui,” said Zedkay.

“I think so,” Gavin said. “Therefore I am. Right?”

Hyun-woo stared at the small clear stream in front of them: the early afternoon sun glittered bright over the ripples, painting wavy sunrays on the walls of the river canyon. Water and sunlight seemed to flow exactly the same way in Rhyldan as he remembered they did back on Terra.

He took a handful of warm sand in his right hand.

“Wizard…” called Zedkay. “Are you still...



Facts: The Odgerel reached Rhyldan´s surface today. No events during planetfall. Crew ok.

>ISOLATION: Five occupants (Souza, Hounds, Kapoor, Choi, Yamada).

>STERILE: Two occupants (Decroux, Mnemosyne).

>OUTSIDE: Preliminary readings show all variables inside goldilocks. Decroux and Mnemosyne leave suited and return to Sterile after D&D.

Feelings: Planetfalling is a bitch. I peed myself. Some tough Geisha I am.

Hyun-woo and Farah threw up. Noora´s...

We have something a little bit different for you in today's feature: A lengthy new short story based on the landing on Rhyldan which is entitled "Evening Star". 

This story guides you through the initial landing on the planet and is comprised of seven chapters. Due to the size of this feature we will be releasing a chapter a day. It was written by Fran Macjus and Paul Bloom and we hope it helps to shed some light on the early bits of the games lore.

The first chapter is now available...

Falling Star

The Northern Star floats in orbit above Rhyldan.

An interstellar tin can. A maze of corridors and airlocks and cramped rooms, and not one window with a view outside. A tangle of dark Terran-born alloys, all sharp edges, vertices and angles against the gleaming blue curve of the planet.

Two space-faring ecosystems, facing each other.

A tiny sliver of bright light shines across one of the metallic facets, like the parting of lips in a slow smile. A jaw lowers, widening the crack...


This is it.

It´s been ninety days since Captain´s Kjell announcement.

It´s time.

Many hold vigil in their private quarters, either alone or huddled with their lifemates.

Others prefer to be surrounded by a tight crowd: the Mess Deck is packed. No one is eating.

Gavin and Leticia and Thomas and Ralf are seated at their usual table. They hold hands.

Noora is with them. She never comes here; she shares her meals with AJ and Amanda Byrnes and Melani Kabura in the...