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Personal log - Alex Freeman

Post#1 » 16 Jan, 2019 8:11 pm

Entry # 1

In the face of the upcoming challenges I have decided to summarize my thoughts and observations in this log. As the situation develops, I might add additional entries. Until then, this will be the sole and, perhaps, only entry of this log.

I am a mnemosyne. I know this for a fact - not only I have been told this several times by cloning representatives during my first days in this world, but I can also feel it due to the way my memories manifest themselves.

I have memories of the old Earth, of the way things used to be - but I can't put a finger on whether or not I had such memories or were they planted into my mind. From what I have gathered, both assumptions might be true. While I was certainly created, I'm not exactly artificial - rather, I am a compilation of...information, for a lack of a better word, which presumably came from several people who most definitely lived out their lives back on Earth.

Anyway, enough of self-pondering. I had enough of that already - it took me a full terran year to make my mind whole and shape my personality. It took another year to get my bearings on this world - which is still too alien for me, frankly. I haven't even got used to the new dating system.

I have been created by the Free People's Republic. They are a breakaway state from the original colony of Plymouth, which had formed a political entity of its own under the name of One World, One Nation. These are not the only nations of the continent - the most recent flareup of OWON-FPR war had led to the secession of several cities and settlements from both nations, with the largest being colony of Sept Falls. Other than that, the continent is settled by several bandit camps, and, most importantly, settlements of sentient species native to Rhyldan.

While the original mission to settle Rhyldan was a success, what followed can only be described as a failure. The colony ship Northern Star had suffered a malfunction and was lost in orbit with all hands present onboard at that time. Severe mismanagement of the original colonies has created several factions of human colonists and started the first extraterrestrial war in our recorded history. Sentient life and signs of previous civilization were discovered, while the original mission plan called for termination of any and all colonization attempts should such discovery happen - instead, a military action was and is still undertaken against the native sentients of Rhyldan by all human factions on the planet.

The current situation is not good. While FPR was successful in building several lines of defense, OWON is relentless in their attempts to crush any opposition to their regime. OWON military incursions are common across the continent, including the city of Freedomtown. Their cloning effort has been in full swing ever since the battle of Sept Falls - which is peculiar, considering the whole ordeal had started due to their apparent inability to produce enough clones.

I have made several scout runs across the continent. While our powers are mostly comparable, OWON one-ups us in almost every field. The grand Plymouth City, other towns, the infrastructure and industrial projects...and, of course, their omnipresent settlements all across the Rhyldan. While we and various independent nations have been playing with the idea of settling new land in the wild, the wartime batch of OWON clones was created explicitly with the purpose of projecting OWON power far and wide.

It is a strange war, really. While regular OWON forces constantly harass our settlements, their frontier settlers largely don't mind our presence there, at least not yet. I spoke to some of them, and they privately told me they actually want FPR to go on the offensive against OWON. Granted, they were representing weapon manufacturers...war is good for business, I suppose.

They have a point, though. We've been battered by OWON for far too long. We held our ground, now it's time to bring the fight to them. While our army is mostly organized at this point, the same cannot be said about our equivalent of OWON frontier explorers. We don't have enough boots on the ground at the front and not enough hands to equip and arm such groups. This might change soon, though.

Through whatever means, FPR and OWON had reached an agreement on creating new clones. While the factions would retain DNA banks, new clones would be brought to life on an island off the coast of our continent, managed by the third party. Even though FPR and OWON embassies would be present on the island, the city of Sept Falls has agreed to provide cloning services to those unwilling to join either of the two main factions.

While this gives hope for deescalation of our current situation, this does not guarantee the end to this war, and the sovereignty of FPR. And I have no doubts OWON would stop playing these games with independent nations the moment it takes Freedomtown. Therefore, we must tap into this new combined pool of clones and sway as much of them as we can onto FPR side. Might as well mobilize our own forces while we're at it.

This will not solve long-term problems of our screwed up colonization of Rhyldan or ramifications of our effective immortality provided by the Judair Limiter technology - but I highly doubt OWON's going to build a model society. It falls on our Republic to guide humanity and this world into this new and unfamiliar era.

And I feel like I should try and kickstart this whole process. Something has to be done about this mess before it's too late.

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