First time player and my first thoughts

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First time player and my first thoughts

Post#1 » 03 Feb, 2019 5:44 pm

Let me start by saying that I have enjoyed the game so far so it is not a knock on anything. The game shows as alpha so I am giving some insight from a new player perspective. For the devs if they read this, I have a stream of my initial play through and can link it if you would like to see it.

To start was a bit confusing. I load in standing next to an npc so I thought I was supposed to talk to him but he had nothing for me. I went to the medical officer and clicked on her and she said something but I had no idea that the part "I'm okay" was my part of the conversation and needed to click on it. I thought it was a canned thing and I left. I play on a larger monitor and play at 1920x1080 (think that is the setting) and so I did not notice the flashing head for tips or the little quest line under the map that told me to talk to her. I ran around a little and then went back to her when I noticed the reply still hanging there and that got the conversation rolling. Once I figured this out, things fell into place.

Overall, I have enjoyed the game so far. I played for about 90 minutes and am looking forward to seeing more. Hopefully my initial experience will help. Looking forward to seeing the world outside the training facility!

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Re: First time player and my first thoughts

Post#2 » 03 Feb, 2019 7:42 pm

Good day Xenokron_Wicked,
Yes we do read these- each and every one of them. Thank you for your input. You are not the first one to say it was a bit confusing. I am excited though for the next big update. So any feedback you have regarding starting off, would be great :)

I hope you have fun and see you in game some time! Looking forward to more feedback for sure. Thank you!


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