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Common Support Questions and Answers

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Common Support Questions and Answers

Post#1 » 19 Dec, 2018 9:09 pm

A ) How to Register your game Key:
Once you have The Repopulation downloaded on Steam, please follow these steps to redeem your Hero Engine key.

- Make an account on the Hero Engine website here:
- Right click on The Repopulation in your Steam library. Go to ‘view CD key’. Copy that key and redeem it here:
- The email and password used to log into the website above is your game log in information.

*If you have questions or problems you may contact our support staff here: ... mit-ticket

B ) DirectX and other common Issues:
Direct X and other common issues
Here is a list of fixes for common issues that get reported:

1) DirectX 9.0c
Make sure you have this package for DirectX 9.0c as Windows 10 doesn’t have all of the required dll's by default and some people don't have Direct X 9 properly installed:
- Use this link: ... px?id=8109
- Click Download DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)
- Choose what Microsoft recommendations you want (often uncheck all and click no thanks and continue)
- When it's downloaded, run it and install

2) Drivers
Also please make sure to update all drivers on your machine, we recommend going to manufacturer's site and finding the drivers you require, as using other software to do this can often have adware or spyware.

C ) Black Screen after Server Select:
Getting a long black screen after selecting a server is a known issue. Some people may take up to 20 minutes to load while sitting on this screen. This only happens on the first load of the game and afterwards will be fine. We are looking into the issue, but could use your help in narrowing it down.

If you experience a long time on the black screen (more than a minute or so) can you please post your system specs below. As much of the info as possible would help a lot.

Ram type(ddr3 ddr4 etc) and amount-
Video card-
Operating system-
if you are using a SSD or a HDD-
Internet connection speed-

D ) Overlapping Text/DPI Scaling issues:
To resolve the issue, attempt the following fixes:
• Make sure the computer's Graphics Drivers are up to date
• Run the player client in full windowed mode
• Adjust the DPI scaling for the Windows Operating System

Some suggestions to resolve the overlapping text issues players may experience can be found here on the official forums: ... sues-13211

E ) Returning Testers:
If you are a returning player, please do not create a new account. Your account information has not changed. If you cannot remember your account information please feel free to contact support. This applies to both this site, The Repopulation, and your game account.

There is no need to re-register a key or anything your account is still set up as it was. The information is the same email and password you used to register your key here

Please report any bugs you come across, you can do this in the game by typing /bug or from the esc menu. You can also report bugs on the forums here: or if its something you would rather not report in public such as exploits you can report them here: ... mit-ticket

Common known issues can be found in this thread: ... sues-13143 I will be adding to it as things come up

Also if you have an issue in game and need immediate assistance please use /support or support from the esc menu and a GM will assist you as soon as possible.


F ) Firewall Issues:
If you have already registered your CD Key at and still can't log in the next most common cause of this issue is related to firewalls.

The solution would vary by your firewall software. Here's a step by step guide to allowing the software to bypass your firewall using Windows Firewall (thedefault windows firewall):

1) Open the Control Panel in windows.
2) Click on System and Security.
3) Click on Allow a Program Through Windows Firewall underneath the Windows Firewall section.
4) Click on Change Settings.
5) Click on Allow Another Program...
6) Click on the Browse button.
7) Navigate to your player_client.exe file. This will be in program files/steam/steamapps/common/therepopulation for Steam installs.

If you are using a different firewall program the process will be similar but slightly different.

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Re: Common Support Questions and Answers

Post#2 » 05 Jan, 2019 2:05 pm

доброго времени.
что ожидает игру в переди , будут ли космос и другие планеты , будет ли оружие и броня изнашиваться , будетли введена система производства патрон к оружию либо каких то там приспособлений к оружию?? - бесконечные патроны это БРЕД. смерть персонажа должна вести к потере вещей и денег , а так же опыта почти до начальной стадии .

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Re: Common Support Questions and Answers

Post#3 » 05 Jan, 2019 10:21 pm

Good day, Thank you for your questions!
I hope i have been able to answer the best via translation.

"what is in store for the game ahead, will space and other planets be introduced, "
- This may be a possibility later in the future after the game goes gold. We still have a lot of expansion worthy content to include to continue the game development for far future. We do have this noted as a possibility and may someday see this. (P.S. There is still a lot of this plant that players will have to explore beyond the world revamp. :wink: )

"will weapons and armor wear out, "
- Yes, they do and will, this will come into play a bit more logically and easier way to see/view for the players after the item system and crafting system revamp.

"will an ammo production system or some sort of weapon addons be introduced? - infinite ammo is NONSENSE. "
- There will be different types of ammo introduced and each will have its own type of reloading or recharging. This is still a work in progress and how we do this mechanic is yet to be determined. This will be introduced when we do the weapon revamp shortly after Item and Crafting system revamp. In the end, players will have more options as a fighter and as a crafter.

"the death of the character should lead to the loss of items and money, as well as experience almost to the initial stage."
- This is something we will be discussing with the players after we have fixed most systems to see where the balance is at without hindering players too much. However, we are not looking at doing all three as penalties. There will mechanism's in game that will also give players a choice as well.


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Re: Common Support Questions and Answers

Post#4 » 06 Jan, 2019 7:48 pm

благодарю за ответы. Просто хотелось бы что то на подобие энтропия юниверс , с огромными мирами!!! я думаю что если что то подобное сделать то будет "БОМБА" . И взять их хевен энд хердч систему смерти , что бы игроки думали головами а не тупо мочили друг друга.
И еще вопрос: будет ли Русский язык в игре?

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