June Update: Addressing Future Game Server Wipes

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June Update: Addressing Future Game Server Wipes

Post#1 » 30 Jun, 2018 9:33 pm

While we continue to work diligently to get our first update out to you to test, we wanted to use this month’s update to address some recurring player questions and concerns.

Alpha, Beta and Post-launch Wipes
We pay close attention to all the questions and concerns raised by the players across multiple forums including In-game, Discord, Steam, Facebook and Twitter and even on our own official forums. Most of them revolve around the whens and what, especially regarding the potential Server wipes. We recognize that this is an increasingly valid concern amongst all players and we can begin to address a few of these questions now and open up discussions for later on as well.

Types of Server wipes:
During the development there are multiple types of wipes that can occur. For The Repopulation we are going to be concentrating on two types, Partial and Full, these are explained below with how we plan to use them.

... Continue Reading the full article here: ... date-wipes
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Re: June Update: Addressing Future Game Server Wipes

Post#2 » 01 Jul, 2018 8:35 am

The big question is WHEN

When are we going to see anything on the server, as per the post in January " Our goal is to get to an 8-10 week update schedule" and yet we are now 1st of July and still no sign of anything, just words and some pictures.

Your going to change basically everything, so what exactly are we doing in the game currently, me personally its nothing as I stopped playing, but I know a couple of others still log in. Are you still so far away from getting the mess sorted out that you can't give us a time ? can't you at least say we might get something in 2018 or are you looking at 2019 for the first update ?


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Re: June Update: Addressing Future Game Server Wipes

Post#3 » 03 Jul, 2018 12:35 am

This is really interesting. I wonder what types of fetures might excist on the testing server? Also wondering if we will ever have tools to Max out skill lines or obtain free fittings like early on alpha under ABT.

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Re: June Update: Addressing Future Game Server Wipes

Post#4 » 05 Jul, 2018 7:50 am

While it seems obvious to perform wipes (testing systems, skipping old to new conversion scripts, testing early game exp, etc, etc), in the SPECIFIC case of Repop I would refrain maximally from doing so. The major reason is: where are you guys going to get testing players??? Usually for most MMOs the teaser stuff creates hype and hyped players will hastily try to test new MMO, providing sufficient and resilient playerbase to work on game system while having feedback. In the case of Repop I got an impression that amount of active players is ridiculously low. I, for example, will skip to release because I dont want that progress to be reset arbitrary. Well, you can just create a poll, so that vets of Repop will vote on whether they keep playing on resets or not, that will give you the picture.

I propose you first to ensure that you will get that playerbase for testing, and only when you have that, proceed with the plan that is discussed and accepted by these players, so they dont quit.

Just putting it again, Repop is superlow on players and if you lose those, how do you plan to come back, not even speaking of profit.

As for the old server, I suggest on launch to leave the server as a regular server with the ability for new players to join, call it "Legacy" and make a warning for joining players that the server has overleveled chars with heavily distorted economics due to that.

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