We will be attending for 2 days, Friday (March 22) and Saturday (March 23) at booth #581 (it is listed as the Inidie MiniBooth).  If you are following us and want to stop by and talk with us and get a preview of the game please be sure to stop by one of those days and perhaps maybe even get a little bit of Repop swag.  If you are in the press and want to setup an interview during either one of those days please contact us at with information about your website or publication and we will try to schedule you in.

Big thanks to the folks at the Indie Megabooth for making this possible and we look forward to seeing everyone in Boston in a little under 2 months.

Finally, we have a group setup in RepopSocial for those who are attending. If you plan on stopping by you might want to join the group or at least follow it for further updates about fan involvement at PAX East.