news engineerWe're pleased to say that once again it's time for an update. We'd like to start with a big Thank you for your continued patience. Your participation in our Discord channel, Steam Forum, Official Forums, and by sending in bug reports has been a tremendous help. The continuous flow of information regarding both positive aspects and challenges you face help us to better understand how to move forward.

Your feedback has helped in many ways to include the following:

  • Bug reports on things such as recipes. These help us not only to find fixes for upcoming updates in the short term but also in our design and optimization for our revamp of the system. Thanks to your crafting feedback - we've been able to move forward with the initial stages of the system revamp.
  • Feedback on interactions with the harvesting system and the environment. This allows us to determine a proper balance not only for the system revamp, but the placement of both harvestable and PvE content in the upcoming terrain revamp.
  • Feedback on the current and past tutorials. This has been a great help in preparation for the new Starter Island build.


A.00.00.00 Build update:

The next patch is something we know everyone is anxious to begin testing, and we want nothing more than for you to do so. However, we have had some issues with the current build and attempting to use a more up to date Push method on it. Though initial tests worked perfectly, using it on the live environment revealed some additional challenges.

Though we have done a lot of cleanup already, the biggest challenge yet is the amount of data that is currently in the game. We are starting the process of permanently deleting almost 1100 old and unused areas that are still present in the game.

The second biggest challenge is the number of updates still needed to use the HeroEngine Push system as intended. This will be done in stages based on the type of old revision and old file data.

Our aim is to get The Repopulation to use the HeroEngine Push system fully. This will not effect the game directly yet, but it will allow us to work on the back-end of the game to improve performance, reduce the game's HDD footprint, and allow for more efficient communication between the game's client and the server. This will in turn begin to reduce the latency that a lot of players experience at present.

Current Development

2018 03 15 GhettiGorge02While we work through these challenges we'll continue the optimization of art, architecture, and other updates.

We have already started on the Player and NPC node system.
While we are preparing A.00.00.00 to go to test and live, the A.00.00.10 patch will contain a cleaner version of character selection, creation and deletion. There were a number of issues with deleting characters. In the past it was possible to select a blank character without realizing it; so when deleting the character it would delete the previously selected one instead and get very confused, updating the list incorrectly and cause even more issues on top. You will now be able to delete your last character if you so wish. Also, exiting character creation will no longer leave/create a blank character slot.. All of this was tidied up so it is going to need some heavy testing to make sure that character deletion issues has been resolved.

Please note that there may still be some character issues which are being looked at and worked on. This is related to characters nodes becoming corrupted and unplayable. If you do have the “??” character issue, the game should not allow you to log in, instead of logging you into a different character. This will be heavily tested over the next several weeks. This issue should be fixed over the next several updates as we change how both Account and Player nodes are handled in the game.

In the meantime we will continue to keep you updated. Please keep the comments, suggestions and other feedback coming!


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