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Help and support icon 2018 01 23 Massivelop legalaction     Good evening. Though we have been quiet on this side of things as I tend to like to keep things professional, I do think I ought to respond here. There is a bit of misinformation that I would like to cover. Firstly, we never threatened anyone with a legal action of any sort (let alone a media outlet). We did send a request (8/30/2017) asking them to correct factual errors and expressing our willingness to make our team available for an interview. Following our repeated attempts to contact Massively OP’s editorial staff, we received but a single reply. Due to the nature of their sole response, we ceased any further attempts to communicate with them. 

    I do not believe threatening anyone is good practice because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts whether we agree or not. This is especially true in this regard as the information that has flowed out from various sources. I believe that actions speak louder than words.

    We are open to community input/discussion and are always pleased to speak with any media outlet about a project for which we have such great passion.

Negativity on the web:

   I choose not to respond specifically to any particular negative post as everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs.  I would like to remind everyone that those on the receiving side of their negativity are people too; we have families, friends and even feelings.  Constructive criticism is a useful type of feedback, relentless negativity in the face of any attempt to communicate is not productive.  Frankly, the continual onslaught of senseless negativity can and does affect everyone’s enthusiasm for any project or job regardless of the industry.

Backer Perks/Rewards explained

    Regarding the issue of Backer Perks/Rewards (Perks), this has been taken greatly out of context. In order to discuss the topic, we must first come to an understanding about what it is that Idea Fabrik purchased from Above and Beyond Technologies (ABT). Idea Fabrik purchased the Intellectual Property (IP) “The Repopulation”, it did not purchase the company ABT and thus is not responsible for their real-world liabilities. We have consistently drawn a distinction between out-of-game promises made by ABT (for which we are not responsible) and in-game Perks/Rewards (which we have and will continue to honour).

    We acknowledge that some of the promised in-game Perks do not yet exist due to the partially implemented nature or absence of the game systems that would support them, which will be addressed over time as we complete/add those systems to the game.

    The team and I have said consistently that we would be honouring all in-game Perks, and we have been doing so with what we are able to at this time. This includes anyone that purchased a Gold, Platinum or Platinum+ packages directly from ABT through their website outside of Steam or HE Games.

Refunds, New Sales and Extended Perks

Perks 2017 12 20 sarr

   For any customer who purchases the game after the date of our acquisition of The Repopulation from ABT, we honour any refund request so long as it is within 30 days of the HE Games purchase or Steam’s 2 hours (played)/2 week policy. We see no reason to deny a refund to a person that realizes (for any reason) they can not play the game, consequently we have not denied any refund request that stemmed from a purchase of The Repopulation from Idea Fabrik. We feel that this is simply good business, and the right way to treat any customer.

    On the subject of additional Perks: Yes, some of those have changed and/or will be changing. A good example is the inventory. Instead of limiting to 60/70/80 to include the perk upgrade, we have changed it and compensated players by giving them 75 base for personal inventory and 150 base for the Bank. We will be adding additional tiers for the Bank as well. Each tier will have an increase that is more than the original promised Perk by ABT. In addition, we are working on new inventory systems, that will expand these capabilities and will be released later this year. This is called compensation while still honouring the backer rewards.

    As for new sales of additional tiers at this time: I do not see it as being fair to our customers to sell something that is not yet built into the game and we may never be able to provide due to circumstance or changing development priorities. I will not offer the ability to purchase something only promised. Instead, we will open up the ability to purchase higher tiers once we have what ABT promised or a better alternative. Players should be able to receive what they purchase when they purchase it; not someday down the line.

Two Corrections

    There are two additional factual corrections we wish to make regarding the “announcement” in Massively OP’s articles. These points are, in fact, the exact opposite of what was claimed:

  • We are not currently opening PvP servers at this time
  • We are, as explained above, honouring promised in-game Backer Perks

 The Repopulation

    From 2011 until their initial release, the team at Above and Beyond Technologies (ABT) put in a lot of hard work and time. For an indie team with no experience in game development or business to achieve the level of success they did is an amazing accomplishment. While Idea Fabrik did not profit from the sales of Backer Perks, we strongly feel that the efforts of the team and support by The Repopulation’s community give us a moral obligation to honour the in-game perks moving forward.

    I would like to include some references to what we have said about the perks and still stand by today. Below this are a few links from both Steam and our own official forums.

I hope my comments will help serve to eliminate any confusion that may have occurred.

Thank you,
Idea Fabrik, IF Studios and The Repopulation Team


Reference Links:

Perks 2017 10 24 Odi

2017 December 29: "As Raynie stated, the inventory will be getting a bit of an overhaul as well as the membership perks. But do not worry, no one will lose space."

2017 December 20: "Yes we do plan on honouring the pledge perks as well."

2017 December 20: "We fully intend to honor the backer perks to the best of our ability. This, however, will take time. "

2017 December 20: "There's no need to be worried as your perks will fit with the game and your tier pledge."

Perks 2017 01 19 raynie

2017 December 20: "They have said they are honoring backer rewards"

2017 December 20: " Because of this, and our promise to honour in-game perks,..."

2017 November 29: "Perks will just simply add on to that."

2017 October 23: "Hence why we were going through the perks, what they are, who gets what, etc."

2017 October 22: "However, I do think that there are other ways we can combat this issue and still not have anyone lose their perks."

2017 September 24: "We want you to know we consider providing you with adequate in-game compensation for your pledges high priority. To do so we've begun cataloging the perk information we were provided by A&BT."

Perks 2017 01 14 sarr

2017 January 25: "Yes, all backer perks will be honored"

2017 January 19: "Yes! All backer perks will be honored so if you qualified for an in game NPC you will see that happen"

2017 January 14: "Good evening, I want to let you know that we will be honouring everyone that backed The Repopulation. If you are a player there is and will be no need repurchase the game."


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