Have you ever stood in the back of the raid, mindlessly spamming the only viable rotation your class has to keep your raid alive?  Not anymore. Gone is the idea of a unengaged, rear-guard healer with zero choice. Healers deserve better.

Healing in The Repopulation received tons of attention during the month of September. Early in the month we patched over a brand new style of fittings, designed to be used in the Medical Scanner. Later, we revamped the entire healing ability set and added tons of new enhancement options for First Aid abilities. Somewhere in there we snuck in support and damage abilities for Medics who want to pack a punch. All in all, First Aid is a brand new beast and we're very excited about the depth and variability that these changes offer players.


First up we have 11 new or revamped abilities significantly boosting variability for healing styles. Is your style preemptive healing, keeping HoTs rolling on multiple targets? We've got that. Do you like taking the role of a secondary tank healer who also spams group heals? Check. Prefer longer cast times and heavy heals? Done. Each style can be individually supported  or you can mix and match to tailor your healing style to the situation or to your personal preferences.

Each of the healing abilities also has 1-3 enhancements available. These ability enhancements change cast times, activation cost, range, and healing amount. Sometimes they come with negatives, such as a longer cast time for increased healing or altering an ability from a short range Cone Area of Effect to a medium range Point Blank AoE but with an increased recharge timer. These enhancements allow players to further tailor abilities to their style but are entirely optional.

In addition to all the healing love, First Aid also received 6 shiny new damage and support abilities. From the Nanite consuming AoE, Corrupted Nano Bomb, to the Biochemical DoT and Blind, Ocular Spray, medics can now level the playing field in PvE and PvP with damage and crowd control of their very own. Each damage ability has a pair of enhancements to choose from to tailor these abilities to your play style. Damage abilities are not just for PvP though; these abilities will help medics gain much needed Momentum, keeping their resources up for longer fights.

Finally, as healers, we've all encountered that situation where our raid members stood in fire a little too often or just weren't pushing the DPS to get the fight finished before we ran out of resources with which to keep them alive. It's horribly frustrating to watch raid members die knowing if you just had a little something, you'd be victorious. The Repopulation introduced charged healing fittings to give healers that little extra oomph when they need it. These are fittings, slotted into the Medical Scanner, just as any other fitting, but they have a limited number of charges and no activation cost. These fittings offer direct benefits like +100% Health Recovery or a +7 per second Endurance HoT as well as boosts to resistances and debuffs and buff strippers. Just drag them onto your bar and use them as you would any other ability.

When you pull all of these additions and changes together, you have an expansive system that creates viable Combat Medics, necessary in both PvE and PvP. The depth of this new healing system will allow players to create unique heal/support roles that offer flexibility for situations and play styles. We look forward to seeing what our players are able to create with this new iteration of First Aid.