Open Language Panel

laptop icon2We are happy to announce that the new site is almost complete. While the developers are working hard on the game, a few of us have been working on the new site for The Repopulation.

There are things we are waiting on yet, however, you will start to see some nice changes in the next 5 to 7 days. The website is getting a makeover as well as the forums. This will be done in steps; first will be the primary site, then the forums will be restyled from the very basic appearance you will see at first. Once the domain is transferred, all we'll be waiting for is the DNS to repopulate across the world.

discordIn the meantime, you will have access to the new Discord channel Raynie has set up for us. (Thank you Raynie!) You can join here: The channel is available for all players. At this time, we don’t have 24/7 moderators for the discord channel, so we hope everyone is on their best behavior.

I do want to let everyone know that though no posts will be lost, most attachments will not be present on the forums. This includes any screenshots you may have posted on the forums. I am very sorry for this, however under these circumstances it is unavoidable. So please backup any attachments you want saved, including all the awesome screenshots.

Also regarding the site, we have cleaned up some of the groups. If you are a Backer but do not have the Tester group as your primary group, please let us know. We will get you added to that group!

For the news that I am sure no one wants to hear: Servers will be opening up to all current players on the 12th of this month. All backers and current players of The Repopulation can enter the game starting at midnight EST on Sunday. Downloads are open, as some of you already know.

Your game account login will be exactly the same. Nothing has changed there. We wanted to make sure that everyone that bought and supported the game had the same access as before. If you forgot your password you can use the link provided on the launcher to reset your password. If you have any problems logging in please feel free to post that up. A ticket system will be in place after the transfer is complete.

We will be turning The Repopulation sales on at Steam between the 19th and the 26th of this month depending on how the servers hold up to the Alpha testing.