Patch Notes
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build notesAll servers will be going down at 10AM EST on Thursday, May 14th to apply the 15.4.1 patch. Let's take a few minutes to review some of the major features of 15.4.1 before heading into the build notes.

Where the previous build saw the first half of the User Interface improvements, it primarily included window and element improvements. 15.4.1 focused on the more immediately visible components such as the map, action bars, status bars, and the chat window. In addition to visual upgrades there are numerous feature upgrades to the UI including easier to access action bar settings, resizable maps, and various new icons to make it easier to identify objects on the map and minimaps. We also added various player requests such as the ability to filter inventory items, or to sort inventory or view it using alternate view styles including list views. The database was also improved to include information on abilities and recipe skill point ranges.




    NPCs will now dodge, roll, and shift positions a bit less often than was previously the case.


    Scaed'ecoo animations and attack speed better synced up. Leaping attack also updated with proper animation.
    Helltyr Leap maneuver/animation was updated, they now have a leap animation when they lunge at you.
    Increased the update rate for rotation from the server to the client.
    Adjusted the drawn idles on both male/female so there is the vertical bend as it was causing them to lean oddly.
    Adjusted the Elkar's AI/Attack speed to better match the animation speeds.
    Helltyr animations and attack speed better synced up.

Auctions and Work Orders

    Added a "Display Options..." menu to Auction Search and Auction Post windows, for choosing auction list options. These are the same options as those found by right clicking on some of the auction list headers. The options are now remembered and used each time you open a new Auction window.
    Changed the Auction Search Category list from "Crafting Items, Fittings, Other Items" to "Items, Fittings, Crafting Components".
    Auction Search will now display both the unit and total bid/buyout prices. You can still choose which value to use for sorting.
    Auction Post prices and Work Order request prices are now remembered from session to session.
    Work Order durations have been increased from 48 to 96 hours (with no fee increase).


    Added environmental sounds to many of the games dungeons.
    Added new sound effects to various abilities.
    Added new sound effects which are played when you enter or exit the game.
    Echoed footstep sounds are now supported.
    Changed the tell received Audio to a different sound.



    Global Recharge now respects the speed of your equipped weapon. The recent global cooldown changes favored slower weapons but this should get things back in line.
    The Attack Speed modifier now has an affect on the global recharge time of most abilities.
    Defensive skills now give a small passive bonus vs. attacks of that type. If successful it will cause attacks which would have otherwise hit to miss completely.
    Chance to completely block damage when using a shield have been increased. We discovered a math error in the calculation code which was maxing out block chances at half of what they are set at after the change.
    Slightly increased NPC critical hit chance.
    Increased the amount of Momentum lost when you are critically hit or outside of combat.
    Made some adjustments to the global cooldown system to increase responsiveness.
    Made minor improvements to the Defense Bolstered, Ranged Bolster, and Defense Conscious combat effects that are available on some melee abilities to make them more effective.



    Modifications were made to the OWON attacks starting FX including a more recently added aircraft model.


    The Freedomtown buildings have been recreated. This includes both geometry improvements and texture upgrades.
    Added 18 new ability icons. Shockguns received the largest number of upgrades.
    Added moving clouds back to the environments. Tweaked the lighting a bit more.
    Improved occlusion in the Plymouth Control Center.
    Added new FX for boss abilities.
    Destructible barricades now have destruction FX.
    Assassin's Armor is now easier to tint.
    Adjusted vertical tracking on rifle so it is much better when aiming higher outside of action mode.
    Better centered the Beam Pistol so it looks more aligned.



    You can now add Computer Terminals to housing areas. This allows you to start the Hacking Minigame.



    Added additional detail options on NPCs to help tie inquiries and diplomacy minigames together more easily.
    Virsey Point: if asked about his mentor, Aaron Gamelin will tell you what became of Dr Virsey.

Items and Fittings

    Added five new items from the new Quadrutet species. This includes a rare item which can be processed into a resource attribute for fittings.
    Improved the harvested or looted drops from numerous bosses.
    Steampunk Pistols can now be dual wield.
    Generic camp spawned minion NPCs had their drop rates reduced somewhat. The tougher ones remain untouched.
    Added new Removable Storage Devices which can be purchased from vendors. These devices are used in the new Hacking minigame to create software libraries.
    The Crafting Component type 'Hardware Development Kit' has been renamed "Development Kit Software".
    Reduced the base skill gain percentages on skill gain stims to compensate for the grade scaling changes.
    Plate Metal has been updated to no longer include the Refined Metal component type.
    Reduced the drop rate of fittings from generic human NPCs.
    Removed Sulfur Dioxide from loot table for crafting missions as it is no longer used.
    Gypsum Cluster is no longer a Refinement Agent.
    Dichroic and Diffraction Grated Prisms now have proper branch filters.
    Petite and Standard Chair Aprons have new icons; the component type Chair Aprons also has a new icon.


    Added a new Diplomacy based minigame. This minigame is initiated by using a new Interact ability on a willing NPC. This minigame allows you with a list of multiple choices of diplomatic options to try to alter an NPCs mood, dilemma, cause, or to unlock achievements, missions, knowledge or other rewards. Changing an NPCs attitude alters the missions which can be generated for them and allows players to have a small affect on the world for themselves and other players. While these minigames are diplomacy based, not all choices use the Diplomacy skill, you can also use Intimidation, Leadership, or other skills depending on which minigame is initiated.
    Introduced a new system for the Hacking skill. This system allows you to interact with new computer terminals in town to begin a minigame. This minigame allows you to select different bits of code and attempt to compile them to create a software library. You do this by pressing one of three code buttons, and then compiling or undoing then downloading the software onto one of the new Removable Storage Devices to create software libraries for crafting. While many software types have static codes which are the same for all players, others have randomized components which are different for each player and which need to be figured out by the player. Unlike the old C0 store purchased libraries, these libraries can create higher grade results based on your Hacking skill.
    Minigames can now be used to launch other minigames in a chain.
    Added improved FX support to Minigames.
    Minigames can now be launched through the inquiry system.
    We can now filter which minigames to offer a player based on the NPCs current mood or dilemma.
    Added 13 software libraries into the Hacking Minigame.
    Added support for the Fishing Minigame to the stream in Nido Cuervo.



    Added some additional information to the GameDB for abilities such as momentum, activation type, and the weapon modifiers.
    Improved the anti bot code to make it more difficult for players to get around.
    Added new tips explaining the Hacking and Diplomacy minigames.
    Added server side bounding box info for the giant mech.
    Acrobatics now properly gives achievements at 501 and 6001 skill.