Patch Notes

build notes15.5.1 has been finalized and will be hitting the live servers on Tuesday, June 9th. Let's take a look back on the larger changes from this update.

Combat tweaking has continued as we work our way towards shaping its status for launch. We've added new stances for Healers and Pet types. Pure pet types have a variety of new abilities to help aid you in that role. There are new abilities which can only be used when Dual Wielding, new area based healing abilites, and AI pathfinding improvements. We also spent quite a bit of time restructuring skill ranges, accentuating weapon differences, and adding additional abilities. Dazes and aggro range reducers such as Unthreatening Approach are now much more effective.

We've added Storage Units to the housing system. You can use these like a bank but attached to your home. Players can upgrade the number of slots available using in game credits. Player Shops have also been improved in a number of ways. Shops are now included when you store or unstore homes, can now be searched, and use a new flagging system. The structure and furniture window is also better sorted now into many different categories.

The mission system also saw some major improvements in this build. At the forefront of these is a new and improved long range marker system which allows you to view mission locations from throughout the region. In addition to this a good number of missions can now be shared with other players of your group. If a mission can be shared its Share button will be clickable when you view its full details (right click from the Mission Tracker). A variety of new tutorial, storyline, and mastery missions were also introduced, and a new hidden ability was also added. This includes new tutorials for the recently implemented Diplomacy Minigame, and new Haggling minigames which are initiated by numerous missions.

Work also continues on improving the User Interface, including numerous improvements to the Crafting, Harvesting, and Surveying interfaces. A new high end dungeon was opened in Timbertol on the OWON side. PvP damage numbers were tweaked and buff/debuff durations can be different in PvP as compared to PvE. Roads were improved on the FPR side, many bugs have been squashed, and much more. You can read the full build notes below.

Adversarial Camps

    Added adversarial camp opportunities to Galloway.


    Significant improvements have been made to NPC pathfinding to avoid situations where NPCs path into or through walls. Paths are also better smoothed client side.

Auctions and Work Orders

    The Auction Search Category (Items, Fittings, Crafting Components) is now remembered each time you open the window, within the current play session.


    Tracking now features a beeping audio which beeps faster the closer you are to your target. This is useful when you are in a three dimensional space where maps and arrows do not accurately reflect NPC position.
    The pub jukebox music is now better occluded.
    Racers now have varying audio levels based on speed.
    Crawlers and some other types of robots have new sound effects.


    We've made another round of combat tweaks. This goal of this round of tweaks was to take better advantage of openings, and to make it easier for weapon lines to chain off their own abilities, while trying to accentuate the differences between various weapon types.
    Improved action mode's support of friendly self only or group abilities.
    Improved determination of healer contributions to combat. They should see the "That would be stealing" message less often.
    Combat effects which can stack will no longer give the full value for multiple stacks. Each additional stack will instead add 33% of the original value.
    The Defense Conscious debuff which is activated from numerous melee abilities is now treated as an opening which other abilities can be enhanced by.
    NPC's of Above Average or higher difficulty ranks have received a hit point boost. This is small at lower ranks and grows significantly for bosses and raid bosses.
    Dazed entities are no longer able to move.
    Improved how dispelling effects work so that some of them can dispel an unlimited amount of effects.
    There is now greater variety to NPC damage types.


    Added new Lesoo tent models to several Lesoo dens, and adjusted their spawn locations to accommodate.
    Reduced the respawn rate of Lesoo and Lurker Scout and Raid camps.


    Bandits have begun to grow brave in various areas, placing barriers on the roads and ambushing travelers. There are new engagements in numerous areas revolving around this.
    The F.S. Supply Post will now respawn guards more quickly after the Lurkers have been cleared out, and lurker raids are less frequent.


    Added 74 new ability icons. Unarmed, Entertainment, and Thrown weapons received the largest number of updates.
    Added 4 new lesoo tent models.
    Composite Armor is now a flat grey color to make it easier to dye properly.
    The Vendetta Armor Set now has correct color tinting regions.
    Updated numerous older icons which had no background to include one.
    Improved occlusion and thus frame rate in Freedomtown.


    Flagging is now working for player shops. There are a variety of different flags with more to be added later. For non grade flags you need to have 50% of your inventory to quality for the flag. The grade flags require 75% of your inventory to quality. Flags are automatically assigned. You can see your flags on the shop at the bottom of the Management tab on the Shop Window. When searching from the Search Shops tab in the Trading Window the shop must match *ALL* selected flags.
    Vendors now are properly stored with the housing data if the housing unit is stored (or archived). Once unstored the housing vendors will be placed in their reference position like structures are and the vendor will be ready for use again. Vendors that are "stored" with a housing unit cannot be accessed.
    There is a Search Shops tab in the Trading Window. This allows you to search a shop by character name. It needs to be the exact character's name (it is not case sensitive though). You will get a list of vendors that the character has and you can view the inventory by clicking on the shop. You can right click to subscribe to the shop (then you can use the normal Shops tab to perform shop actions).
    You can purchase storage units in the housing window. There are a total of 10 of them and they increase in price starting at a few thousand and growing into the millions. Once a storage unit is purchased you will be able to assign it to a specially marked Storage Structure. Each structure has a certain amount of slots so we can have better structures with more slots, each structure assigned will consume a storage unit. Once the Storage Unit is assigned you can then interface with the structure like you would the bank structure to access the stored items.
    Reduced the default scale of the structures 'Calibrite Harvester' and 'Silo' as they were overly large.
    Categorised all Structures into logical groupings.
    Improved the category support for housing structures, bots, and furniture items. The new system allows us to better define categories to make it easier to wade through structures.
    Fixed what we believe was causing the rent not to be displayed if you had an existing housing unit. It should now properly update the central area with the rent data and the player checks in the data when first logging in (as well when it is updated by paying rent).

 Items and Fittings

    The price of the vendor purchased Standard Battery has been significantly increased.
    Added more items to NPC loot tables.
    XG-57 is now more common.
    Reduced the vendor price of Vehicle Software Development Kits.
    Implant fittings will now take damage like other fitting types.
    Fixed a bug which could prevent players from using abilities.
    Significantly reduced the range bonus of Stable Hands stims.
    Improved equip weapon behavior when double clicking on an icon from your inventory or bank. New behavior will always try to equip the item, swapping existing item(s) as needed.
    Fixed several issues with the /gearswap command. It should behave much better now with different weapon combinations.
    Improved behavior for equipping weapons via drag/drop. For example, you can now drop a 2H weapon onto the primary slot, resulting in two dual-wield weapons from the primary and secondary slots to be automatically unequipped, instead of receiving an error message.
    If you use /gearswap to swap several items, while in combat, but end up out of combat before it is finished, the remaining items will equip much quicker, rather than taking 6 seconds each.
    For non dual wield weapons, the tool tips, info cards, and the game database will now show if the weapon is one or two handed.
    Equipping items via the action bar now works in a similar manner to double clicking icons from your inventory or bank, and similar to drag/drop from the same. Note, you can only equip items via the action bars for items in your inventory, or in an open bank.


    Introduced new Haggling minigames which are launched by missions.
    Diplomacy Minigames can now optionally be unrepeatable.
    Added support for minigames to complete mission goals on expiration. This allows them to have optional branches based on if a character doesn't respond in time.
    Diplomacy Mini-game Plush Room Auditions has been set up on Lola Layetta, waitress and co-owner of the Plush Room in Sept Falls. Use your entertainment skills to impress Lola with your performing talents. She is looking to put performers of all levels on to her books.
    There will now be options to choose when trying to Intimidate scared NPCs.
    The Hacking minigame tip now provides more in depth information.
    EMP Viruses can now be created using the Hacking Minigame.
    You can now fish in the ponds of Searchers Valley.


    Improved internal metrics systems.
    Beer brewers may now earn achievements for crafting Widgie Beer, including the Brewmaster title.
    Removed Thicket Overwatch and Plymouth Control Center as starting options for the time being as they are being revamped.