Notes iconWelcome back Repop players! The servers are back up and running! It's important to say that this isn't really a full re-launch yet, but more of a soft re-launch to get the servers back up and running and allow players back in, we are still transitioning a lot in the backend, including the backer portal. Here are some bullet points to enlighten some people to the situation:


Backer Portal still hasn't been fully transitioned from ABT to us, this means that we cannot verify 100% of the accounts and backer status, we are working as hard as possible to make sure everyone who has purchased the game has access, but some people have been put on hold and this is the reason. We want to make sure all supporters have access to the game before...

video audio iconWe are happy to announce that we are officially targeting a launch for Windows in Q4 of 2015. The first step toward this goal is getting the title to Feature Complete and that is expected to be completed during the summer.

We are also running a Steam Sale through June 2nd. All Packages are 25% off on both Steam and on our website.

Finally, we have a new Alpha Teaser video release. We want to thank everyone that helped out with the combat footage on the East Server.




build notesNew UI look, Underground Cities, and More

The 15.2.1 build has finished the QA process and is now being prepped for release to the production servers. We should announce a date next week when the patch will drop. We keep updated patch notes for each build on our forums. You can find the detailed patch notes here

15.2.1 brings with it a lot of content updates and bug fixes like most patches, but we wanted to quickly summarize the major changes in the patch.


  • UI Revamp - As...

December was a big month for The Repopulation with the game hitting Steam Early Access and the lifting of the NDA. Steam has gone well so far, and it’s nice to see an influx of new players into the world. Existing backers and Steam early access purchasers both have the option of using either the Steam based client or our standalone client. Pre-existing customers who would like to play using the Steam client can find a link to obtain a Steam key on their Backer Portal. Steam sales have...

Login Service has now been restored and everything should be back up and functioning. If there are any further issues or updates we will post them to this thread.


Thanks and sorry to those who were looking forward to playing during the day and evening. There are some further adjustments that are now planned to the login/authentication service so hopefully it will not be an ongoing or further issue.