build notesNew UI look, Underground Cities, and More

The 15.2.1 build has finished the QA process and is now being prepped for release to the production servers. We should announce a date next week when the patch will drop. We keep updated patch notes for each build on our forums. You can find the detailed patch notes here

15.2.1 brings with it a lot of content updates and bug fixes like most patches, but we wanted to quickly summarize the major changes in the patch.


  • UI Revamp - As you can tell above we started on the UI revamp. The patch includes some initial work on core UI elements as shown above, but there still is more work to be done (the minimap for example will be in the next patch with a new look and more options). Other elements are not finalized as well. You might even notice the filter bar in the inventory window now can filter by name, there is also one for vendors now as well.
  • Underground Cities - We will save a screenshot on this for later, but nation cities now can grow to level 10. At level 4 they gain access to an underground space and can place a teleporter above ground to take them below. At level 7 and 10 the city grows in size giving more space. At level 10 you will have 4x the space you have above ground and there is more room for further growth in future builds once initial testing is complete of the system. A handful of other nation changes are in the notes as well. Transportation options should be forthcoming in the next patch or two so you can travel from faction zones to large player cities!
  • Action Mode Ability Configuration - There is now a UI for configuring what abilities are used in action mode. You can now select the abilities and place them in any order you want. There were also a few bug fixes making action mode a bit more friendly to use.
  • Housing Rent - Every 2 weeks you will now need to pay your rent. You can pay up to a little over a month's worth of rent. We will increase this later in the Alpha and during Beta/Release
  • Penetration and Resistance Fittings Tweak - There is now a larger gain in Normal/Complex/Arduous Fittings. We also fixed the "armor stacking" issue making players nearly invincible. We will have a new system for shells that I believe everyone is going to like in the next patch or two to resolve the issue of crafted shells not being useful and how resistance on armor related to penetration on weapons.
  • NPC Armor/Penetration Stat Changes - To go with the above changes, NPCs now scale a bit more aggressively in these areas making higher level NPCs more challenging.
  • Structure Pickup - Somewhat heavily requested feature. You can now pickup a structure and put it back in your structure list instead of deleting it.
  • Vendor Bots and Entertainment areas for Cities - There are now a variety of NPC vendor options like you find in the faction cities (for crafting goods, etc). You can now place them in your cities to use. There is also a new entertainment floor so entertainers can do their thing.

We hope everyone enjoys the new build when it is released.