We are happy to announce that immediate Access to Alpha now has been changed to the $25 package. The current Round 3 ends on November 21st at 11:59 PM EST. We are going to be adjusting the packages and perks that we plan on using through hopefully the remainder of the Alpha/Beta phases. The price point for testing is expected to go up slightly, but will still be at or below the $50 level after the change over. The $25 price point will be the lowest for awhile. 

You can also purchase the package for someone else, all you need to do is send them the confirmation email after the purchase is made and they can link it to their account. 

We want to thank everyone that has supported us the last year and if you are looking to support us thanks for the consideration. We hope to continue to be a purely crowdfunded project so we can continue to focus on what is great for the players without outside influences trying to sway us in another direction.

  • $25 - Lowest price package with Immediate Testing Access.

We do get quite a few common questions. Hopefully these quick bullet points answer most of them.

  • We strive to keep servers available 24/7. This means you can test any time of the day or week. However, we do have a planned server cluster upgrade starting November 24th, so read on further for more details.
  • We have patches that happen every other Wednesday. This requires an outage, just like any other MMO.
  • You will have access a few minutes after confirming your pledge.
  • It is an Alpha, there can be technical issues and other problems that can cause an outage. This is a very rare occurrence though so far.
  • Yes there will be a wipe or two before we release.
  • Further Beta testing is included, so you will have access to ALL testing rounds.
  • Hardcore Ruleset is slated to start testing in late Beta, so it is currently not an option. Open world PvP is an option in the contested areas on the Normal server and flagged/arena PvP options are available as well. PvE is plentiful in the faction zones and PvP is only available if flagged or in the arena in the faction regions.
  • NDA is currently in effect, we plan on lifting it soon.
  • There is no Region locking. Servers currently are in North America, there might be more later in other geographical locations during testing and at release.
  • Minimum specs are a Dual-Core CPU, 3+GB of Memory, dedicated Video card with 1GB+ VRAM, 64bit Windows OS, 5GB of disk space. These are not the final minimum specs as they could change in either direction before release.

We will also be removing the following perks from the packages so if you wish to lock in a lower pledge and perhaps bump up to the perks at a later time be sure to do so.

  • Names in Lore
  • NPCs in Game
  • Housing Plots

All 3 are options in all pledges now, but will not be available in future package options. Many other higher tier perks will be changed as well. Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far and we look forward to seeing more fresh faces in game over the next few months.

As mentioned above, there is going to be an upgrade to the server cluster starting November 24th. This will take the servers down for a day to a few days during this process. We will have a much larger server cluster after the work is finished so it will be a good thing for everyone moving forward.

If you have any questions or issues with your pledge/access please use our Support Contact form and we will be happy to get the issue resolved.


You can also find charts for all backer rounds at the following location.


Lastly not sure what backer round you are in, check your Backer Portal. Your pledge round will be listed at the very top under "Pledge" along with the Total Amount of any combined pledges.


Purchases are done via the Early Adopter Menu option, or you can go there directly using the link below. Payment options are Paypal or using the payment processor Stripe. No financial information is stored or processed on our servers.