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Comp Mat iconWe got an update the engineers wanted us to pass on:

"As you all know, it has been a while since we've deployed a new update for the Repopulation. As a result, we've discovered there are modifications and updates that need to be made to the process and pipeline in order to streamline things for the future.

While we would prefer to release the exciting updates we have for you immediately, the fact of the matter is that some of the necessary changes are prerequisites for what we hope to achieve both for the near and long-term success of the Repopulation.

Consequently, we've had to slightly delay the update while we make those changes.

We know this is a disappointment to many, but we know it is the correct choice for the near and long-term success of the Repopulation."

This does mean there is no current ETA. However I will add what I know: The methods for doing a push have been updated since 2015, and the engine version of The Repopulation has not been fully updated. Another problem we have come up against is the manifests for the previous versions don't seem to be working so they have to be recreated.

In the meanwhile we know this has been a bit of a blow, so later this week/beginning of next week will be a pretty large update about what is upcoming and going forward. This was planned to be released after 10.1, but with this news coming to light we are going to be finishing up the article for you this week and then we will be answering all questions about it on the forums.

Thankfully this is not slowing us down with Condorslug either, sorry for the wait.

We welcome all feedback and will answer your questions the best we can. You can read and comment in the forum post.