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The RepopulationUpdate 10.1 is Live!!

TheRepopulation has just released the 10.1 update. The initial announcement was made HERE on the 8th of November. Servers went down for 12 hours, a few hours longer than expected, but along with that came some new updates to the Database to help improve some of the performance.


Included in the updates are all of the hard work that ABT did back in 2015 as well as some hot fixes applied to the live and Staging server. The hotfixes included some grammar adjustments, spelling adjustments and a few tweaks to help improve a few areas that was giving players on Live  and on Staging some issues; this includes some quest adjustments and GUI adjustments.

You can find our patch notes here: https://therepopulation.com/forums/repopulation/build-notes/updated-10-1-build-notes-13182


If you do not have TheRepopulation, you can currently get the game on Steam.


The developers and support team do want to remind all returning players that if you are having difficulty logging in, please feel free to contact the support team at their forums or through a support ticket here: HELP DESK SUPPORT. There is no need to recreate a new account nor make any purchase. Any other questions please feel free to post on their FORUMS.

So, it’s finally here, we have put together the patch and prepared everything to go live in the stand alone client and in Steam. We have done a lot of primary testing and everything seems to be going well.

Returning Players:
If you are a returning player, please do not create a new account. Your account information has not changed. If you cannot remember your account information please feel free to contact support. This applies to both this site,The Repopulation and your game account.

In some cases there were duplicate accounts on the old Repop site. These have all been transferred over. If you are one that has a duplicated account, please put in a ticket at support to have those merged into one.

What has been done:

This is entirely ABT’s patch 10.1, a few hotfixes have been done to live previously which will also still be present in this patch. We also expect to do a few more hotfixes, so check the section below, “ Things to watch out for.”

The 10.1 Patch Notes can be found here: https://therepopulation.com/forums/repo ... otes-10967
They will also be available on the site the morning of the patch.


• The engineers had a large number of issues which we have mentioned in previous posts; including cache size, much older HE version from 2014, redundant files being included in the old cache, old HE compatibility issues with the current versions Build system, and so forth. This was by far, the majority of time consumption with this patch.
• Our first tests with the installer had a few issues with not including the correct prerequisites and requiring the players to download other software (VC2013), this should all now be included within a fresh install.
• The steam launcher gave a small hurdle and took up some time, but now it should work correctly. Please note there is one issue which is still present from previous versions: If you click reinstall cache when the game is already “Ready to play” it tries to use a file which is already in use, relaunch the game from Steam and you should be fine (we will fix this in the future.)

Things to watch out for:

• Make sure the Nation window works, in the development server we don’t have an extensive number of nations, but this system is currently far more demanding than it should be.
• Let us know if any quests seem to be fully exploitable to the point of breaking things, please be aware that a number of quests are going to be redone in the future.
• There are some changes in 10.1 patch notes which were actually disabled and should be present in 10.2.

Thank all you to everyone that has helped test during this process, now it’s up to everyone else to help test and move this Alpha forward as we work on the next patch A01, which includes 10.2. More details for this will be coming up in the future.