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news engineer    Happy February everyone. The last 45 days has been quite interesting. First I would like to start by introducing TR-Karak. She will be handling a lot of the interaction with players on the forums while we begin to ramp up the development behind the scenes. You can see her intro post here: https://therepopulation.com/forums/repopulation/news-and-announcements/welcome-tr-karak-13290

With this next update, the current build will be A.00.00.00.  This represents the first milestone on our 2018 roadmap:

A.00.00.00 is the first update we are going to put out.

As development progresses and we prepare patches for release, we think about the size and impact of the changes and name the build number accordingly.

→ Smaller patches will increase  A.00.00.XX portion.
→ Medium impact content will increase the A.00.XX.00 portion, the team is currently working on the next medium sized update with the new Tutorial island.
→ Large impact content will increase the A.XX.00.00 portion. The first currently planned is the world revamp.

Character Loss or Stuck Issues

   Since the last patch we have been working to address character loss issues we were made aware of.. There are two separate issues concerning the loss of characters, the first was a bug that we were able to trace back quite far, but luckily this has only hit a few people recently. The issue was a PC data replication problem, but this has been found. With the help of the players affected we were able to restore the characters and eventually find the root cause. PC Root nodes will be updated in the coming updates to prevent this from happening. Much thanks to those that had the issue, reported it and helped us find the issues.

    There is also a character deletion problem which has hit a few accounts, we are still actively looking into this issue, but currently deleting one character may cause it to overwrite and delete another character, making recovery virtually impossible.  If anybody does experience this, please put in a ticket on the website right away, this allows us to look in to reproduction steps. We can attempt a character restoration but no promises can be made at this point. We hope to have this one fixed really soon.

Combat and Targeting

   Combat, specifically targeting, is.one of the main focuses of this update.  New targeting system is in place and will be rolled out. You should not notice any real game play differences other than targeting, tab targeting, auto targeting and a new optional auto face, which should all now work.  The new constant auto-face feature is in the in-game option menu (Interface Options, under Targeting), we recommend trying this option and give us feedback.  This may also remove most of the “target is not visible” and “Target is out of range” issues. There are still a few other things that can cause line of sight problems, these are being addressed. If you do have the problem again, please let us know as most of the remaining is art and collision/occlusion box related.

Area Transitions

   Another fix that is coming with the update will help some of the crashing that players have experienced shortly after transitioning through multiple areas (zoning). The problem was caused by multiple different skyboxes/domes assets being used across different areas. Cleanup of the skyboxes/domes has been done and this should help alleviate some of the annoying crashing, especially when going into caves where it is most noticeable. 

    The time of day sync has been partially fixed. A hot fix will be applied with the next update. The time will now move consistently across all areas to help prevent the out of sync issue. It is recommended to turn off shadows in game in your settings if you are still having a problem with performance and FPS. New shadows will be applied later when we reach the point to start working on the current shaders and get those updated.

    The “/help updatecraftingdb” command has been made developer-only for the meantime.  However, it will be executed for the Steam patch, so everyone should see the correct in-game database.  There will be more change to this in the future but players should no longer have to worry about typing it.


   One of the other things coming is that Scrounging will no longer be diminished by just standing still. This may change in the future, however we will want to make it more dynamic and realistic, not annoying and frustrating. More information will come when we get to the point of the new harvesting system.

    Icons for the GUI clean up has begun, and the first bit will be rolling out with the update. Empty fitting slots now show up as they should to help make it easier to see what and where you can place your fittings. We also cleaned up all inventory icons as well. Some more changes will be coming in future updates regarding the GUI to help optimize and give you a little more “ease of life” when it comes to the ingame UI.

Upcoming Updates

   The last two topics we want to mention are the upcoming inventory system changes and the new Starter Island:

    The Inventory system redesign has been finalized and we will begin this work right after the new PC Character node system is redone. Most of the inventory will appear to the work as it does now, with some minor tweaks and adjustments. Once we begin this work and have started testing it, we will fill you in on the details and what to expect.

    The new Starter Island design has been finalized and we will begin building the new terrain for this directly after this first Condorslug update is out. This represents the first phase of the overall world revamp.  We are expecting this to take about 8 weeks, as there are several changes to how ABT set up areas and terrain as opposed to the workflow and setup we have in place. Once this is done and we have good feedback, we will begin the rest of the world.

► Please note: When the Starter Island is first pushed, there will be no major asset or content changes. This is only terrain, layout and some minor art assets.  As we begin to move the new art assets over from the Prototype to the Development server, we will begin replacing them and pushing those out with the updates.  Missions/Quests and other content will be updated once the core systems are redesigned.

   Finally, we want to thank all of you for your continued patience and support of The Repopulation.  It has been and will continue to be a long haul.  We hope you will be pleased with this update and the many to come.

Below is an outlined list of what we have been working on and what we plan on working on in the upcoming updates.

What we have done the last month:

• Fixed several character issues front end
• Narrowed down the NPC and PC data replication issue
• Found one crash causing issue with travelling around the world and entering caves.  This has been fixed.
• Updated combat system including better targeting
• Started fixing out of sync with the time of day, and it’s now constantly moving, can turn off ugly shadows
• More Scrounging areas and they will no longer be diminished by standing still
• Some UI cleanup, Fitting slots now show up, all inventory icons are now cleaned up.
• New Starter Island design and layout finalized
• New inventory system design finalized

New push to staging/test:

• Dev backups completed
• Second push to Test/Staging will be done this week

Hints and Tips:

• Have documented and recorded all current hints and tips
• Corrected spelling and grammar
• Created and indexing Hint categories started
• Process of condensing and updating current
• Started redesign for hints and tips for future development

Recipes and Recipe DB:

• Cleaned up and Created new update for the crafting DB
• Recipe lists documentation finished
• Begun cleaning up recipe lists and creating categories for better indexing

New Starter Island:

• Finalized all new flora for the island (Trees, grass, bushes, etc)
• Finalized current Harvesting assets for Starter Island
• Finalized all geological assets (rocks, cliffs, etc)
• Finalized Terrain Templates (textures, blends, etc)
• Finalized Environment settings
• Beginning final documentation of art and placement

A.00.00.00 Highlights; What to expect in the upcoming patch:

• New Targeting system
• Combat functionality updates
• New Autoface option
• Updated crafting DB
• Recipe correction and updates
• Crashing caused by skydome issue fixed
• Scrounging for water updated (diminishing returns per area/zone)
• Multiple hotfixes finalized with this push
• Training facility Mob Spawns updated
• Hacking minigame updated
• Area and region names updated
• UI and Fitting slot updates
• Plymouth City spawn points now correct
• Vehicles can now only hold one passenger

A.00.01.00 Highlights; What we plan on working on or finishing up in the next 8 weeks after update:

• Converting and building the new Starter Island on Dev
• PC/NPC Node creation revamped
• Revised Character selection/creation/deletion system started
• Begin new inventory system, prep work for following updates