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DPI Scaling: How do I fix the text lines being on top of each other?

This is a Font Scaling Issue. Please try the following steps from your desktop.

Windows Start Menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts > Change Font Size > Smaller 100%


4K monitors seem to have it worse than others, this is actually a noted issue with other games too, and partly to do with the way Windows 10 has changed the DPI Scaling method.

  • Sometimes you can change the windows display settings DPI to be 100% and still have an override happening with graphics software, this is often the one you will need to change.

  • GPU Drivers being up to date can be vital, especially on older cards.

  • Correct Monitor Drivers can also help with fixing this.

  • Make sure “"DPI override for application" is unchecked in your Properties compatibility tab.


Because not everyone has this issue we need as many testers that have 4k monitors to help us test. The more information we collect from everyone with this issue, the more we can narrow in on it and fix things up.  We have managed to fix it for a few people, but not all cases.


Information needed is as follows:

  • Video card (GPU) make and model

  • Operating system (please include home or pro)

  • Game version (Stand Alone or Steam)

  • DXDiag and Screenshot as stated above