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Current PvP Rules


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Current PvP Rules

Post#1 » 28 Dec, 2017 2:31 pm

I just wanted to make a fresh thread which can hopefully be updated with the specifics of the current PvP ruleset.

I have not yet partaken in PvP myself so can only go on what other players say regarding how it currently works.

I know in the past a hardcore ruleset server was mentioned. I am also aware this may not still be the case depending on what the new team developing the game decide they want to do. Personally I would vote in favor of a full loot openworld PvP server but would like to focus discussion here on exactly how the current system works on the global Novus server.

Correct me if I am wrong, but so far I think it is based on whether or not you optionally flag yourself for "active service" in your factions military which then allows players from other factions to attack you anywhere they are able to find you.

And at present I believe there is no looting of players in any situation at all in the game.

I thank you in advance for any and all advice regarding the current PvP ruleset provided to this thread.


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Re: Current PvP Rules

Post#2 » 29 Dec, 2017 11:20 am

My understanding of the current rules is as follows:
    • Currently, players flagged as "active duty" can be attacked in their faction's territory, whilst those not flagged cannot.
    • Players NOT flagged for PVP can still attack enemy players when those players enter the faction lands of the "inactive duty" player, but that player then becomes "active duty" (gets a PVP flag) for a period of time.
    • In the PVP zone (central map block), flagged status is irrelevant, you can attack anyone and be attacked by anyone (except your own faction ?). Sept Falls map zone is neutral though.
The PVP rules will be reviewed in 2018, because the new map will have faction territory, neutral territory, a DMZ zone and a PVP zone. The existence of these multiple zones seems to imply that there will be different PVP rulesets added to the game to regulate the new zones (neutral and DMZ don't exist on the "old" map AFAIK).

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