Community Surveys


Play Style: How do you play?

We're currently gathering data on gameplay preferences.

Who better to ask than you the Rhyldan Community? Your opinions and feedback continue to help us determine how to best improve gameplay for the entire community. Below you'll find surveys that will change over time. We'd appreciate it greatly if you'd take the time to fill out these short surveys. Thank you in advance for your input.

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World: Terrain and Environment Basics

Share your opinions about the appearence of the world of Rhyldan.

With the approach of Condor Slug and continued work on the Prototype Map, we are reaching out to you the players for some vital feedback. What about the world environment of Rhyldan means the most to you? We'd appreciate it greatly if you'd take the time to fill out this short survey. Thank you in advance for your input.

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PvP and PvE Preferences

We want the best for our growing community.

So as the world of Rhyldan prepares for change we want to know how do you adventure? Content varies by importance player to player, but what entices you to gear up and set off into the world? Is it all about PvP or unlocking the stories the environment has to tell with PvE? Does your gameplay thrive on one or the other or with a mix of both? 

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Player Inventory & Containers

A well-organized Inventory is a happy inventory.

As we approach the revamp of Player Inventory we look to you once more for feedback. Finding the proper balance of space and functionality to meet your needs is important to us. let us know your thoughts on what meets your Inventory needs. Our goal as we are approaching the inventory system is to get your feedback so you have a progressive inventory system that meets your needs.

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Technical Survey

Tell us what and how you game.

As we move forward with development we find it important to gage what hardware our players are using to run TheRepopulation. This survey will give us a good base for current and target scope during general gameplay and UI/UX development. What makes your system tick, and how can we better accommodate your gameplay?

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