We are happy to announce the Silver Membership option is now available at $19.99. This package offers Early Access, Silver Membership, Name Reservation, and 1 Repop Token. You can find a chart to compare the existing package options on our Early Adopter Site. The membership is available via Steam, as well as our website.

In other news, the 15.1.1 build went to the QA server today and begins testing to prepare it for a push to the live servers late this month. If you are not aware, we post hotfixes and build note updates to our Build Notes section of the forums. We recently opened up all the forums so you can view them without being logged in. When the build is live we will post a completed list of notes, but you can find the current list in this thread. It includes some pretty significant changes to harvesting, a massive combat revamp, fixes to some significant performance issues, and some new UI/Font scaling options, and much more.

We are looking for interested individuals to help out with QA before a patch goes live. This will grant you access to changes earlier and some additional tools to help out with testing that is not normally available on the live/production servers. We have a few slots open and if you are interested please check out the Looking for QA Testers thread. 

Finally, some of our team including Joshua Halls will be at PAX East in Boston (weather permitting). Josh will be participating in a panel scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 3:30 PM, and swag should be available for those in attendance who ask. Members of the press who are interested in interviews, please use the Support/Contact website and we would be happy to setup an appointment.