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Citizens of Rhyldan!
laptop iconThe latest news from the Dev team is here!
As we stated in a recent update, the process has begun of setting up the terrain schemes and implementing them! This started shortly after the implementation of the new shaders. The systems cleanup has started and it will be followed up with decisions based on what changes need to be made, order of importance, and natural implementation. I will be posting a short video later today showing some of the terrain textures and shaders that have been updated.

Here's a short video of the updated terrain shaders and textures as seen in Freedomtown!


The new method of the Hint system, Tutorial System and such has been planned out and is ready to have a lot of it implemented, however we will actually be doing all of the data insertion in the future, because we have a higher priority on fixing what is here.
The Lore and art teams have entrenched themselves in the world revamp and starter area, while the Programming team works hard on the Condorslug update. We are hoping to have a smoother transition in the starter area once they have had a chance to mold something for you to run through!

Over the next few months our updates will be focused on the next two patches and the roadmap will be expanded as we hit the stages within it. However, we will continue to work hard to keep you up to date, as things progress.
Here is a list of a number of fixes we have implemented so far:

9.x (Current):

  • Fixed Exploit with Medic! Quest, can now only be finished once
  • GM Tools
  • Logging for GMs improved
  • New Tool for Logging

10.1 (Coming soon):

  • ABT 10.1 Patch Notes
  • Changed Splash and Loading Screen
  • GM Tools
  • Removed Non-Repop Commands
  • Permissions and GM Commands cleaned up

10.2 (Condorslug):

  • ABT 10.2 Patch Notes
  • New Shaders Enabled
  • Tutorial Terrain Retextured
  • Character Selection Terrain Retextured
  • Freedom Town and Outlaying Area Terrain Retextured (Roughly 30 areas which all use the same textures)

Server Side

  • A number of GM commands cleaned up and made consistent
  • Account Scripts cleanup
  • Character Scripts cleanup

Client Side

  • Base Client Script cleanup
  • Started cleaning up and removing unused scripts to remove bloat
  • A large amount of information is no longer cached on client. Data needed for this is being cached in a more efficient way and/or
    requested asynchronously as needed. So far this includes:
  • Points of Interest (434)
  • Crafting Components (655)
  • Crafting Branches (1010)
  • Areas Information (410)

Small fixes

  • Loading bar is now a percentage
  • Loading bar will only show when the client is actually loading.

Outside of the above fixes has been a lot of internal work and preparation to improve workflow. We have started on documentation and consolidating information, as well as bringing in a method which allows members of the team to put forward proposals. If the proposal is accepted by the team and all information has been verified this is then documented correctly. The documentation is then used to implement the information into the game making sure to use all of the correct workflow.

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