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A glance at crafting

"Locate a Crafting Station nearby and right-click on it to open the crafting window.

The ""Auto Pick"" button will automatically take the Ingredients and Agents from your Inventory and place them in the crafting station. You can also drag or double click them there if you prefer.

If you hit the ""Process"" button: you will process one stage, and the Grade will increase. You will need to press the ""Process"" button a few times to process through each stage.

As an alternative, click the ""All"" button and you will do all the steps at once.

(The ""Process"" button is usually used for more advanced crafting that will be covered by a later tutorial, but it is also good practice to use it now to see the progress of a production process ).

Lastly: from time to time you may encounter an Event at the bottom of the crafting interface; if that happens, for now just choose ""Do Default""."